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  • Suitable for Animals Health,
  • Holds to clean Animals Underside,
  • Remove the Boob's Microbe,
  • Prevent Klebsiella mastitis illness,
  • Increases milk yield,
  • Economic,
  • Gets clean environment,
  • Protects animals from cold,
  • Decreases fodder consumption
  • Because of elastic ground Animals spread their load and suply comfort to animals lie and rise,
  • Prevents Wound forming in front leg,
  • Prevnets to broke animals knee
  • Remove the rheumatism from animal,
  • Easy to clean,
  • Owing to its structure don't shelter any dirt on the surface
  • Prevent navels wound,
  • Owing to salient parts in underside,supply aircurrent and water passing from underside and prevent to take shelter bacterium.


  • Its made of Natural Rubber,
  • Supplies rubber vulcanization by using chemicals and fillings which are suitable for animal health,
  • This mats are made in the measure of 110cmx160cm and 110cmx180cm. In Addition it is feasibility to produce which you want in the measure.
  • Increase endurance to ultraviolet ray and air condition by using harmless chemical for animals healths
  • After 3,5 annual test;its observed,mats not to be any deformation in the animal acids and feaces.
  • In the environment heat from -40 °C to +120°C, mats protect their feature without any variation.


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