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  Animal Mats
  Wedges - Gasgets
  Bridge Bearings
  Playground Components Rubber and Plastic Parts
  Oring - Conical Felt Caps - Kaplin Lastics
  Bellows Lastics
  Speed Bumps        Way(Road) Separator
  Floor Coating - Paving Playground Tiles
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OZDEKAN RUBBER has to serve in Rubber Sector since 1982. Established in Ostim Organized Industrial Zone, in Ankara and continuing engineering and manufacturing activities within the years.

Ozdekan has become a well-known trade mark in Turkey and Worldwide.

Ozdekan manufactures more than 3.600 tons of rubber products per year.

Ozdekan's engineers and design teams support our Customer in selection of bridge bearing, providing a service beyond that of manufacturing of elastomeric bearings.

Ozdekan is capable of manufacturing elastomeric bearings varying Ø1800mm in diameter with different geometrical properties.

Ozdekan applies quality control tests in conjuction with Univercity laboratory according to different international standards. 

Ozdekan has metal processing center therefore OZDEKAN can process molds and semi-products within own mold processing center.


We had proved our quality and seriousness with our specialist staff in the developing technology.


Ozdekan hold CE (EN 1337-3) TS ISO 6446 , ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certificates. 

CE  EN 1337-3 

TS ISO 6446           ;  Rubber products -- Bridge bearings -- Specification for rubber materials

ISO 9001:2015       ;  Quality Management System

ISO 14001:2015      ; The Environmental Management System

OHSAS 18001:2007 ; The Occupational Health and Safety Managemenet System


Our Rubber-Steel Products

  • Lead Rubber Bearings (LRB)
  • Ball Rubber Bearing (BRB)
  • High Damping Rubber Bearings (HDRB)
  • Seismic Isolators,
  • Shock Absorbers,
  • Seismic Isolation,
  • Elastomeric (Rubber) Bearidge Bearings,
  • Expansion Joints,
  • Neoprene Sheets-Band - Pads
  • Earth Moving Machine Rubber Space Parts,
  • Conveyor Belt Drive,Impact Lastics,
  • Aminal Mats,


        Product List

  • Neoprene Bridge Bearings
  • Expansion Joints
  • Seismic Isolators
  • Glass Working Machines Rubber Parts
  • Tile Machines Bumper Lastics
  • Earth Moving Machines Rubber Parts
  • Animal Mat
  • Wedges
  • Playground Components Rubber and Plastic Parts
  • Oring, Conical Felt Caps
  • Kaplin Lastics
  • Bellow Lastics
  • High Voltage Insulation Plate(Mat)
  • Barrage Lid Gasgets
  • Floor Coating, Paving Playground Tiles
  • Silicone Products
  • Vibration Lastics
  • Durable Felt Caps to Oil, Asit, Pressure and Food
  • Cylinder Covering
  • Not to Leak Aut Components
  • Hoses
  • Automotive Rubber Parts
  • Industrial Component
  • Special Rubber Components


Adress  : 1200.Cadde No:2-10 Ostim-ANKARA-TURKEY

Phone   : +90 312 3540644

                     312 3852232

Fax       :        312 3543037


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